Italy · Rome

Last day in Italy

The Trastevere neighbourhood, where we are now, isn’t far from the Aventine Hill, one of the seven, and one on which a church was built in the early 5th century. It was eventually dedicated to St Sabina and the Basilica of Santa Sabina is now the mother church of the Dominican Order. It was in the convent attached to the church that Thomas Aquinas lived and worked for a while.

So we wandered up to the Aventine this morning and took a few snaps in the area. This is the Basilica with the convent in the background–taken from a nice little garden next door, the Giardino degli Aranci (Garden of Oranges).

Here are the orange trees and the umbrella pines.

The residential area around the Basilica is very pleasant, the trees and shrubs are still blooming and there are some nice apartment buildings with fancy entrances.

We took the shorter route down the hill …

… and went back to the Jewish ghetto for a lunch of artichokes, in both Jewish and Roman style, and rice balls.

Behind us as we ate, one of the chefs was making pasta.

So that’s it. We set off for the airport at 7:30 tomorrow morning and if the flights and bus back to Ottawa are on time, we’ll be home about eighteen hours later. We’re looking forward to being back in Canada in time for Thanksgiving and the autumn colours.

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