Italy · Rome

Back in Roma

We said goodbye to Assisi late this morning and caught the regional train up to Rome–a much less hectic journey than Friday’s from Florence. There weren’t many tunnels on the slow route to Rome although some parts were very hilly, almost mountainous. We passed the two and a half hour trip watching some beautiful countryside go by, olive groves, hilltop towns–the usual for this part of the world.

For our last two nights we’re booked in to a B&B on the Via Garibaldi in the Trastevere neighbourhood. It’s a nice little oasis with a gated courtyard away from the traffic, pedestrian and otherwise.

After a couple of hours exploring the area, we’re back in the B&B and beginning to think about where to go for dinner.

No pictures today. It rained heavily in Rome an hour or so before we arrived, and it’s threatening to do so again. We’ll get a couple of photos of the B&B tomorrow.

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