Assisi · Italy

Room with a view

… another well-used title, but perfect for this post.

We enjoyed Florence and, according to local lore, we’ll be back soon because Trish touched the snout of this wild boar by the leather market.

After so many coffee and croissant breakfasts, we wanted something different yesterday, so we had eggs and bacon at Café Paszkowski in the Piazza della Repubblica. It’s an historic café frequented by political activists and literary greats in the first few decades of last century,

The train from Florence to Assisi was busy but reasonably comfortable and we arrived in Assisi just after 3:00 PM. We’re in a hotel now, rather than a B&B, and our room, yes, it’s on the third floor again, has a wonderful view looking approximately south over St Peter’s Abbey. Here’s the view just before sunrise this morning.

The hotel’s restaurant is partly dug into the hillside and the view is amazing, so we ate there last night–barley and truffle soup, risotto with pears, and gnocchi with pork.

Today we explore Assisi.

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