Assisi · Italy

Exploring Assisi

First thing after breakfast we walked down, and downhill, to the Papal Basilica of St Francis, the mother church of the Franciscan order. Being out and about early allowed us to get in and see both the upper and lower churches before the crowds. And very beautiful churches they are.

For the remainder of the day, we climbed and descended the steep streets and alleyways of this lovely little town, stopping for lunch somewhere we probably couldn’t find again. Trish’s cannelloni was baked to perfection, and my minestrone soup was delicious.

I’ll let the pictures we took speak their own thousands of words.

2 thoughts on “Exploring Assisi

  1. Beautiful views, and mouthwatering food items, as we are ourselves thinking about our supper tonight. Looks like a cider press with a few years on it! (or maybe grape ones look similar?) And I’d forgotten about some of the metal-work signs above artisan’s home/shop doors in Umbria. Always wondered about their age.

    Probably won’t have Italian food as it would pale in comparison, leaving us wishing we were there!


    1. There’s a date carved on the press, 1667, but the shop wasn’t open so we couldn’t investigate further.

      And we’ll probably have to skip Italian food for a couple of weeks when we get home, to let our taste buds adjust 🙂 Hope whatever you chose to eat last night was good.

      Last day in Assisi today—Rome for two nights tomorrow, so we’re winding down now.


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